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Penang News, Issue #00 - Newsletter for Egg Belanda Dish, MAS ELF Promotion are all here
June 30, 2008

June comes and goes faster then Chandra recuperating from his by pass surgery. There was not much action from us online as most of my time is spent spending quality time with him.

He has been a good patient and it does makes looking after him easy as a breeze.

But it does not mean I am not stressed out. I most definitely was. Both of us are still recuperating and my eyes won't allow me to spent so much time on the computer so one of the reason this newsletter will be short.

Some latest news in Penang happening.

Penang Hill's funicular train service has been suspended for repairs.

Those who made their way to the station at the foot of the hill had to leave when they saw the main gate closed with a notice about the service disruption.

The train service was suspended indefinitely on Wednesday because of faulty cables. It was reported that it may take several months to fix the problem.

The train service now only transports residents at hourly intervals.

Now what do I have in this newsletter? :

  • Travel Tips: Malaysia Airlines "ELF" promotions

  • Photography: Charity to St Nicholas Home

  • My Biggest Blunder

  • Monthly Penang Events

  • Advertisement

  • Timeshare

  • Penang Food - Egg Belanda

Enjoy reading, ya! 


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Travel Tips: Malaysia Airlines "ELF" promotions
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is extending its Everyday Low Fares (ELF) offer by launching Everyday Low Fares.

ELF Wave 4 is offering its customers more options with domestic fares from as low as RM9 and domestic travel packages from RM178, the company said in a statement.

Besides domestic travel, other routes also include destinations in South-East Asia, China, South Asia and Australia.

There has been great response to our ELF promotion, with customers going for local and international destinations.

This positive response has spurred the sales of normal fares by 10%," said Malaysia Airlines commercial director Datuk Rashid Khan.

There are 12 domestic travel packages offered in this new promotion with fares starting from as low as RM178 for a three-day, two-night stay in Penang.

Other packages include a three-day, two-night stay in Langkawi from RM208, Kota Kinabalu from RM388 and Redang Island from RM398.

These Golden Holidays travel packages are on sale until July 13 for travel period between August 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009.

Purchasing the packages can be done via hotline, 1300 88 3000 or travel agents.

Meanwhile, for the domestic fares, customers can book their tickets online at

Photography: Charity to St Nicholas Home

Two weeks back, I was a guest of Marcia F. Howard, of the International Women's Association, (IWA). Marcia and Doug are from US South Carolina, enjoys staying in Penang six months a year. It was my first time attending the IWA and see alot of good work put up by the wives of overseas working professionals in Penang.

One such lady is Marie-Suzanne Nunes, a Canadian lady who was taking photographs of sights in Asia, and making them into postcards for sale. Marie's husband is a scientist attached to the World Fish organization in Batu Maung.

Marie-Suzanne generously donated a portion of the proceeds to the St Nicholas Home for the Blind. The postcards sell for RM10 while photographic prints go for RM80.

The size of the photographic print is 9 3/4 X 6 1/2 or 24.8 cm X 16.5 cm, matted and in a frame size of: 11 X 14 or 27.9 cm X 35.6 cm. The glass is of very good quality, it is non-reflective glass and the frame is wood painted black or very dark grey to be precise.

People can also have their photographic prints unframed for the price of RM65.

If you'd like to view more of Marie-Suzanne's work, and perhaps pick some for yourself.

More of IWA activities here. Telephone number in Penang: 04-8982540

My Biggest Blunder

Thanks to Linda for telling me that my promised E-book was not attached in my newsletter.

My humblest and thousand apologies for this oversight! Please click here to received this long overdue Free E book.

Monthly Penang Events

I update this page on locals festivals, events and happening of Penang or Malaysia regularly. If you are have time to spent with your precious family, take them to some local events.


Thanks for the flowers, Sebastian and Sukha Home Design Teik Ong for Chandra. Thoughts like this makes it worth my day working with you guys!

There is flowers for every occasion. Delivery can be arranged with Penang and Butterworth.

Explore possibilities of home decorating and landscaping with home design. Talk to Teik Ong, the winner of contemporary design in Malaysia.


Try Renting to Explore the Island without Any Commitment

Another way to explore Penang without the commitment to buy timeshare is to rent. Timeshare rentals are the perfect way to get to know this exotic locale without having to pay for day to day accommodation in a hotel. Additionally, timeshares generally offer higher quality services and amenities than do hotels.

Penang Food : Egg Belanda

Egg Belanda Recipe Dish
Egg Belanda, a sweet sourish Portuguese Recipe

Egg Belanda or literal translation is Portuguese Egg Dish.  SIMPLE egg dish for those who have to cook in a jiffy to feed themselves or a hungry family. Though it is called a Portuguese egg dish, I have a queer feeling that the Dutch don't hardly prepares this dish.

It is the era of the Strait Settlements Chinese fusion food with Eurasian Dutch with Malayan influence. Many folks are surprised why it becomes a Nyonya dish with a Dutch name.

This sweet sourish dish is real appetizing, popular when we were young. I grew up loving this simple egg belanda. But a word of caution, this dish is what we called, you have to make it till it is perfected to suit your taste buds. The three main killer ingredients are sugar, salt and tamarind.

An "in proportionate" measure will trigger a different taste but one can never go wrong in this unique dish. Your challenge is to acquire the skill till you get a pleasant tasting sweetish-sourish gravy. when do you know whether it is perfect?

There is a trick, see the facial expression of the person who eats it. They are never quiet.

Many mothers loves this egg dish cooked in thick sauce. But my family after years of loving soupy dishes prefers it wetter. Still I do make it with thick sauce too. It is so versatile really that you can't go wrong with this dish.

Egg Belanda Ingredients
Ingredients for Egg Belanda Dish

Fresh Ingredients:

  • 2 to 4 egg (Duck eggs are lovely)

  • 1 Tomatoe cut in wedges or slices

  • 1 Onion cut in big slices not wedges for onions

  • Tamarind or Assam Koe mixed in a bowl of water.

 (Half bowl of water if you want cooked in thick sauce. A bowl of water if prefers watery or soupy)

Pounded ingredients:

  • 2 fresh chilies (or cut triangles)

  • Half ounce of belachan (Shrimp Paste)

  • 3 slices Ginger

  • 2 pips Garlic


  • Salt to taste

  • Sugar to taste

Cooking Method:

Heat 2 Tablespoon of cooking oil in a pan or kuali. Fry egg in the style your family loves. Well done with sunny side up or egg yolk half cooked is fine. Dish out and stir fry the pounded ingredients till fragrant.

Pour in the tamarind juice by using your finger sieving the seeds ensuring the pulp is not being sieved out. What you will sieve out through your fingers are seeds and flesh of the tamarind.

Allow it to boil for 10 minutes slow heat to extract the sweetness of the tamarind. Add onion and tomatoes to simmer for 10 minutes.

Add in the eggs and let it simmer further.

Turn off heat and dish out. Serve with a plate of hot white rice.

Other Variations:

2 pieces of Ikan Tenggiri or Mackerel - cut in slice and deep fried till firm or

Salted Fish Meat - Cut in slices and deep fried till firm.


Remember to spread the word to subscribe for my newsletter for secret recipes.

Cheers for now, I wish you enough!


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