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About My Island Penang

If you look in the map of the world, you probably will not find it, maybe just a tinny little dot between big brother Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand in the north. Still, we are a BIG part of the Malaysian islands.

Make sure you arm yourself with a good map of Penang and scroll with me.The island where one can find evidence of rich colonial life right in the middle of Georgetown. We locals knows it as our living heritage city and a place of cultural fusion.

We may be one of the many Malaysian islands but we are simply THE BEST one! My Island Penang is prepared for you by a REAL local Penangite, who is passionate about the island Penang,Malaysia.

That is why we covers a lot more then the usual tourist attraction in Penang or Malaysia. It contains everything we know, experienced, learned and revisited over the years. 


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I love Penang food as I come from Penang and now working in KL, I would like to refer to some of my Kuala Lumpur friends.

Great Blog / Great Site

G.T. Loh (Penang guy in Kuala Lumpur)

Thanks for your sense of humour. I was giggling when I read your guide .

LayWah Khoo

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