Disinfection Tips For Penang Homeowners 

 August 20, 2021

By  penangexpert

It is important for all Penang homeowners to know how to disinfect their homes. This will help them avoid illness and sickness in a home that is not properly maintained. However, you can always hire a disinfection specialist from Penang to help you out. In this article, we will be giving you some tips on how to disinfect a home and what can be done if there is an outbreak at your house in Penang.

1. Disinfect the kitchen

sanitize kitchen

A great place to start is in the kitchen. This will help keep bacteria from spreading throughout your home through cross-contamination, which we discuss later on. There are a few ways you can disinfect your kitchen:

  • Clean all surfaces with soap and water or antibacterial wipes
  • Wash hands before preparing food for others
  • Clean and sanitize kitchen surfaces after preparing food with a solution of bleach
  • After cleaning the stove top, wipe it down to remove any lingering bacteria
  • Ensure not to store raw meats in the fridge, which can contaminate other foods.

This will help to minimize the risk of food-borne illness in your home.

2. Disinfect the bathroom

Disinfect bathroom

Next, you will want to disinfect your bathrooms. This is especially important for areas that are high traffic or where people might have a weak immune system such as children and older adults who may be susceptible to illness. There are two ways of doing this:

  • Clean all surfaces with soap and water or antibacterial wipes which will remove any bacteria that might be there
  • Wash hands before and after using the bathroom to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria.
  • Lastly, you will want to disinfect surfaces such as` counters or toilets that are routinely touched by humans with bleach on a daily basis. This can help ensure there is minimal chance for illness in your home from other members of your family who might not be as healthy.

It’s also a good idea to place hand sanitizer in areas that are frequently touched, such as the bathroom or front door.

3. Sanitize your home daily

Another way to keep bacteria and virus like COVID-19 from spreading is through sanitizing your home. This can be done either with a solution of bleach or by simply wiping down all surfaces and keeping them clean with soap and water on a regular basis.

Sanitizers are also available at most grocery stores to disinfect any surface you need, quickly and easily.

If you live in a home with small children, elderly adults, or anyone who might have an immune system weakened by illness it is imperative that the sanitizing be done daily and not just when someone gets sick. This will help keep them from getting ill as well!

4. Disinfect your Grocery

If you eat at home often, it is important to keep your grocery store sanitized as well. This will help minimize the risk of food-borne illness from a contaminated produce or meat section in your local supermarket.

You can use a disinfection spray to clean any surface in your grocery store that might have been touched by human hands. This is a great way to keep bacteria from spreading and contaminating the food you are preparing at home.

By following these steps you will be able to keep your home, and the food that you prepare in it, germ free. This can help minimize the risk of illness for all members in your family!

We hope this article has helped give some useful tips on how to disinfect a Penang home. If there are any questions or comments please feel free to email us at info@mypenangisland.com

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