10 Common Pests Found in Penang 

 January 24, 2021

By  Pearly Kee

Just like other places, there common pests that you cannot miss in homes in Penang. The presence of a large number of pests poses threats to property as well as Penangite. 

Before looking into common pests that are found in Penang, it’s vital to look at some factors that could be bringing pests closer to your Penang home. 

Penang’s weather is one factor that could be contributing to the presence of many pests in the region. Compelling evidence shows that a lot of pests will seek refuge in your apartment if the weather is too harsh, especially when the temperature is too high. Another factor should equally carry the blame is the ever-increasing population that’s putting pressure on available resources forcing pests to find comfort in people’s home.

Although destroying an area where pests have been infested might be a good idea in curbing a menace, if not implemented properly, could bring more pests to your doorstep.

It is advisable to keep pet food bowls clean if you want to keep a late-night buffet at a bay.

After a brief analysis of some factors that might be bringing pests closer to your Penang home, we can now look at the common pests that you’ll never miss find in Penang.

10 Common Pests found in Penang 



Flies can be a potential risk to your health, but you need to understand that there are different types of flies all around Malaysia. The houseflies or fruit flies carry many diseases, and if they sit on a particular food, they will contaminate it thoroughly. Any person eating the contaminated food will get sick due to bacteria. The most common issue that people have will be food poisoning.

bed bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found not only on the bed but in many other areas too. They are most commonly seen in cracks and crevices. You will be surprised to know that they feed on human blood.

It is difficult to control them as the bacteria they spread is dangerous and spreads quickly. You need to get professional help for evading bed bugs from the property.



Ants usually enter those areas where there is a source of food. They make their ants in lawns or places like warm and dry soil or even under the paving.


Wasps are a big problem for your yards, and they soon enter inside the home when windows are open. Large wasp nests contain around 25,000 wasps, and they will usually be found in eaves, wall cavities, trees, and bushes.


Black rats are widespread in Penang, and most often, you will see teeth marks on the electric cables. It can also cause a fire hazard while the rats can spread a lot of diseases among people. If the problem goes out of control, calling up pest control services will be useful.


Termites are one of the most destructive pests found in Penang. They can cause significant damage to your property, and any insurance policy will not cover the renovation costs.


House mice are very active throughout the year. They nest around warm and quiet places like walls and even inside the cabinets. You will notice that they continuously grow around furnishes, and mice can even access foods. Mice can spread a lot of diseases, and it is better to stay away from them.


Cockroaches love to move around in the kitchen, warm homes, and wall cavities. People often observe that they come out after dark when there is no noise around. They can easily feed on different types of foods and can even carry many diseases.


Mosquitoes can be very dangerous, and you will be surprised to know that there are 150 different species found in Penang. Many people get mosquito bites often, and they see a rise in their temperature.


Penang has many different small and large spiders species spread all over. They form their nests in warm, dark, and quiet places. The wall cracks, corners, and air vents need to be checked as they often form nests in such areas

Final words

There are various species of pests that you can find in Penang, ranging from insects to rodents. If you need help on pest problems, it is always a good idea to find a pest control service in Penang.

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