Penang Introduction An Overview

Penang Introduction will take you through some history and facts of us. Some of the facts about our State Flag and Emblems, Our population, and our current head of Malaysia Penang state. The Capital of Penang is Georgetown, right in the heart of island.

You can say it is also the busiest with hotels sprouting in Georgetown Penang Introduction. Tourism is centralised in the heart of town with heritage sites and traditional craft man still at work in many roads with old Chinese, Malay or Indian name roads. Visitors are busy snapping away pictures of Penang Introduction. Really a sight to behold.

Penang History

The Penang History seems interesting on how a British trader from East India Company ends up being the founder of Penang Island, then Pulau Kesatu or Tanjung to the early settlers.Penang Introduction to early 18th century past till today 21st century present has evolved through a few histories on how we went through the Larut Wars, Signing of the Pangkor Treaty, after the clashes between the Malay sultanate and the secret society.

Penang Introduction sailed through First World War with some families losing fortunes but the Big Bang was in Second World War, fighting the guerilla wars of communism and then reconstructing the new Penang. And Penang being recognized as a state when Malaysia got its independence.

If you choose Penang as your destination for holidays, would it not be good to know more about Penang Introduction or Malaysia. Especially how documents on visas application, extension of stay. We have Immigration office in Penang Island and Butterworth.

In General

  • Penangites are gentle and discreet people. Please be considerate to your hosts.
  • Blatant displays of affection like French kissing, groping, fondling, caressing etc in public are a definite no-no. What you do in private is entirely up to you. In the open, go easy on that smooch.
  • If you visit a mosque or temple that is not usually on the tourist maps, it is a good idea to request permission from the caretaker on the premises. Moreover, they will often be able to tell you more than any tourist book.
  • Take off your flip flops or sandals; wash your legs before stepping into an Indian temple. Muslim would appreciate if you cover your head and not to wear shorts.
  • Smoking is prohibited in air conditioned public places by federal law. You will risk fines of up to RM 500.00 (not to mention the ire of non-smokers) if caught.
  • Keep your passport handy, but in a safe place. It is your only form of identification and is also required when changing money at banks.
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a major offence and can involve steep fines as well as detention.
  • The wearing of seat belts while driving is compulsory.
  • When it comes to motorbikes, expect the unexpected from the drivers.
  • Crash helmets are compulsory while riding motorbikes.
  • Malaysia’s traffic system still consists of "roundabouts" (traffic circles) and they are found almost everywhere.
  • Medical assistance is available in every town and city at clinics, or at local hospitals.
  • Local pharmacies can often provide assistance for minor illness or the proper material needed for minor injuries. You will need a doctor's prescription for any purchase of antibiotics.

Information in Penang

Please visit the Tourist Office. Smiling, helpful people are there waiting for you in order to help you plan a great stay and answer your questions. you can get free maps of Penang, great tips to enjoy your stay here.

In a lighter vein, maintain a flexible and relaxed attitude while on the island. After all, isn’t that the reason why you are coming to here? To enjoy our peace ,tranquility and warmth?

I wish you a healthy, safe, and relaxing trip to Penang, Malaysia. If there is any other information that you feel would be useful on this page, please send me an e-mail, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Thank you for having me share your enjoyable fun time.

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