Pictures of Penang, Bitter Sweet Penang

The Pictures of Penang People, Way of life, our Beaches and People, Architectures, cultures and festivals can be found in the heart of Sam Lim.

Enjoy the Photos kindly shared by Sam Lim, the beautiful Photo Collection of places in Penang.

All the photos on this page are the property of Sam Lim, my hidden friend and are protected by copyrights.

Pictures of Penang, Photos taken by Sam Lim are a radiant text, unspoken words yet so powerful. His library of works include rare collection of our Penang people, our culture and our way of life. It shows a harsh display of love, sympathy, empathy and hatred in some

Sam's photos is not simply a matter of using your brain in the same way you would use it to work out a jigsaw puzzle or a crossword but it is very precise and time consuming process.

The Hidden One as he calls himself, spins a harsh variations with an array of geeky protagonists in Penang, many of his pictures or photos are about recording the life and the scenery of our Penang Island. "I am a typical urban adult. Penang is my air, water and sun, Sam has excelled at combining human emotion with his intellectual ideas, specifically in the lives of our locals Penang people. 

Asia's Penang Own Spiderman 4

Asia's Penang Own Spiderman 4

The audiences' non-stop laughter during Penang Spiderman 4 was truly one of Sam many candid moments. It was obvious why he won a first prize in Malaysia Tourism Photo Fest Photography Contest, nature category. It is proof of his special talent." I am consciously trying to present the colorful side of Penang, with different layers and thicknesses. My heart are with my friends the true heroes of my pictures or photos as only they could make my photos come alive," the hidden one Sam said.
Sam Lim on Penang Hawkers

Penang Hawker, a daily morning breakfast scene.

Penang Lantern Festivals

Penang Lantern Festivals, 8th Chinese Lunar month

Penang Fishing Village

Penang Fishing Village. After a hard day's toil, kids helping the father to return the boat

Chinese Opera performers

Chinese Opera performers getting ready for the show

Online photos is the only place where you can get your picture or image made into whatever character you desire. On conclusion, photos is Sam's way of sharing his talent with us all. His use and combination of creative photos with modern tools reflect the seemingly, unpredictable and disarmingly funny Sam. How I wish it is as easy and fun for him as it would be for us.

Look out for more of Sam Lim pictures of Penang as I compiled from the Hidden one. 

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