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Chap Goh Meh Cultural Show Photos

More of Our Diverse Penang Culture Featuring Participation from Various Cultures

See some Chap Goh Meh Cultural Show Photos taken during Chinese New Year. Penang People 'Lang' always in for a bit of fun.

Many waited patiently by wandering and absorbing the activities of Penang Georgetown crowd. Penang Chinatown, near Pitt Street where the fun was about to begin.

Penang Culture, All girls Lion Dance during chap goh meh in Penang

Get your Penang travel information about what Penang sightseeing you can get to see during January and February beside the above Penang Festival. For this evening, the crowd was massive.

Penang Culture A malay Dance at chap goh meh in Penang

Seems the whole Penang Chinese has come out to have fun as there are hardly any place to walk. We have visitors, locals and international students bought by Professor Syed Zahari, a long time friend of Chandra.

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International students during chap goh mei in Penang

Get a Penang Map to begin your Georgetown Penang Island tour.

A chinese dance during chap goh meh in Penang

We heard, it was announced at least 10,000 were in Pitt Street enjoying the few events organized by the State of Penang and Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

An Indian dance during chap goh meh in penang

Some photos of the Chap Goh Meh cultural show presented by schools, University Sains Malaysia student, the Nyonyas and a young violinist thrills the crowd. Overall, it was a great ending to the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year.

A trio giving a chinese poetic calligraphic speech during chap goh meh in Penang

It was a night to remember for many seeing our lovely festivities when Nyonya Ladies came out to sing their Old Malay songs. Seldom we get to hear these songs anymore so it was a treat for me.

The Nyonyas singer during chap goh meh in penang

The Tua Pek Kong procession when I got the lucky oranges from him was another delightful moment.

Young enthusiastic violinist during chap goh meh in Penang

These are some of the Penang Heritage that is in dire need to be preserved. Most of the traditional cultures is what makes Penang into a heritage city recently. The Chap Goh Meh cultural show photos is certainly a treat.

I part this year festival with a Nyonya saying.

Keronchong singers by USM during chap goh meh in Penang

Tim leng geng, Ho boey keng

Throw dragon eyes, A good life follows.

A butterfly dance during chap goh meh in Penang

In Summary, May we have a happy good life in the days to come. I wish you enough.

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