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Nyonya Homecooking Dishes

Flavor bursting in your mouth, eyes looks amazed when you eat our Penang food.

Learning Nyonya homecooking dishes can be quite a refreshing and fascinating experience.

Fresh roots like galangal, sand ginger or cekur are basic of our Nyonya food. Lemon grass, shallots, nutmeg fresh turmeric are introduced in our cooking class.

Cooking with fresh herbs and spices are beneficial to your health. The medicinal properties in some herbs are anti fungal which is a must when you cook meat.

Dessert is a "die for" or "evil", not to miss especially black rice porridge. It is really not that diffcult, using the traditional method to make kaya (coconut cream and egg custard) . See our super fragrant and delicious Nyonya kuih muih photos here.

My constant source of inspiration are my aunts and uncles. Whenever they recalled some "so called old Nyonya dishes" is, aiya you know so long I have not tasted this or that?

That spark is enough for me is to, come next week and we have a feast. Call 016-4374380, or write to spkee and my domain (

So far, we are the only Penang cooking class who does not demo cooking so far. We give you a place to cut and prepare the food item for your own cooking, on your own cooking station. See Penang Homecooks cooking set up work station here

Stir Fried Spicy Pork

Stir Fried Spicy Pork

Bak Char Rempah or Nyonya Stir Fried Pork cooked with grounded shallots, dried chillies and black sauce is an interesting and refreshing dish. It has some heat and it is sweet, great with hot white rice. We used to lick the plate after everyone has finished the meal.Nyonya homecooking dishes

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As a party or tea time dish, it is cooked with less heat for the kid's to enjoy. Good for kid's birthday party.

Nasi Kunyit or Yellow Rice

Nasi Kunyit or Yellow rice

There are two occasions I can remember eating Nasi Kunyit. One during announcement of a new baby full moon. Yellow turmeric glutinous rice is used during "muah geok". The other is when we pray to Datuk Kong.

For those who don't know, at the front of Nyonya houses they have a small reddish orangy shrine. Usually you can see one big pile of anthill inside. That is the "datuk Kong" or earth spirit. When we were young, we would bow and pray as we cross as it was believed Datuk Kong protected us.

Can I know the cost for a cooking class? Then if you are happy, write in with some dates you are in Penang. Press on the little button on top of this page. It says "Cooking Class Enquiry".

Stir Fried Spicy Pork

Stir Fried Spicy Pork

Bak Char Rempah or Nyonya Stir Fried Pork cooked with grounded shallots, dried chillies and black sauce is an interesting and refreshing dish. It has some heat and it is sweet, great with hot white rice. We used to lick the plate after everyone has finished the meal.Nyonya homecooking dishes

As this dish is prepared with lots of onion wedges, stay clear of these "wind breakers". HA HA. I love mine with deep fried onion rings, yum yum.

Nyonya Sambal Fried Rice

Sambal Fried Rice

With scrambled eggs, diced prawn the rice is fried with freshly prepared sambal belachan and spices till aromatic.

An easy to do meal when you are busy. French beans, Mushrooms, pineapple and banana stem cubes can be added for more taste.Nyonya homecooking dishes

Pineapple Sweet Curry

Pineapple Sweet Curry

The Nyonya Pineapple Pachadi or Ong Lai Pacheri is a sweet gula melaka dish. it is different from the Indian Pachadi as we served it in round slices.

From the curry paste, I will shared 2 other dishes we loved like Brinjals and Hard boiled Eggs. They are equally and unbelievably unforgettable dishes.

Popiah, a Penang favorite and street food


Eating our Nyonya Popiah is an experience. Your first bite is like your first kiss. I laugh when I was told recently. But I understand why it is so. Because the ingredients are prepared separately, it does gives you the different moments of flavor.

The prawns, meat and bean curd is fried, bean sprouts are blanch, french beans are stir fried and garlic oil is specially prepared. I leave you to imagine the layers of taste. Indeed it is different form the usual popiah you eat form the hawker's stall which is full of jicama or bangkwang.

I must say, this is one dish you can get your guest to help themselves when you entertain. One meal you have them talked about for ages.Nyonya homecooking dishes

Satay, lovely Malaysian cuisine

Satay, Malaysian cuisine

When you learn how to prepare Hainanese Satay, I will share with you three types of sauces. It is quite an experience to savor satay with these unique sauces.Nyonya homecooking dishes

Above I share 3 days of my first class of Nyonya Homecooking Dishes. It is supposed to be 9 dishes but the variations is more then you can bargain for. As the classes progressed I will add more photos.

About the series Nyonya classes (8 days)

In the series class, it is when these are serious learners.The cooking enthusiast will get their hands to trying out all preparation or cooking methods.

If you are a local, we can planned it weekly one class in the afternoon or weekend. If you are coming from overseas, then crash course is the answer.

There is no wrong or right way, only more practice means the better cook or chef you become. Having said that, all Nyonya in Penang have their own secret recipes.

I don't claim that mine is the best. Nyonya homecooking dishes

I can only said, I loved to share with you our Penang favorite Nyonya homecooking dishes. Like to try out, write to us here.

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