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Nasi Lemak Delights

A simple Malay traditional Coconut cream meal

Nasi Lemak delights is a combination of dishes usually served or sold together with Nasi Lemak. The trend of eating Nasi Lemak have changed over the years.

Gone are the days when Ikan bilis with sambal belachan in a banana leaf packet is enough to satisfy the hunger. The buying power of many has caused selling Nasi Lemak to be very competitive.

Even at home, kids asked for more varieties of dishes to eat with Nasi Lemak. Here I got Mak Minah who happily shared their version of Nasi Lemak delights dishes in traditional Malay style of cooking.

Can I know the cost for a cooking class? Then if you are happy, write in with some dates you are in Penang. Press on the little button on top of this page. It says "Cooking Class Enquiry".

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A variety of dishes in this Nasi Lemak Delights:

  • Sambal Udang
  • Sambal ikan
  • Sambal ikan bilis
  • Sambal Sotong.

fried fish prawn sambal anchovies sambal
Fried fish beside the prepared sambal and banana leaf for wrapping. Medium size prawns, add to sambal cooked in tamarind juice. Ikan bilis washed and cooked in boiling hot gravy of hot tamarind sambal.

Preparation of Chilly Paste

This chilly paste from Roziah is a general paste for most sambal dishes listed here. As you know Roziah and Aziz are nasi lemak seller, so they have concocted a basic recipe of chilly paste to make life easier for them or else it is simply too much work.

Ingredient A

  • Soaked the dried chillies in hot water till softened
  • Peel off the skin of shallots and cut to chunks
  • Belachan
  • Pound all three ingredients together or blend it using your blender.

To cook this Nasi Lemak Delights dishes, fresh ingredients can be purchased from wet market or our night market or Pasar Malam. Some really don't have to go far as most Malays house grow their own herbs, chillies.

Using the pestle and mortar to prepare the fresh ingredients is encourage as the taste is superb.

Ingredients to make the Chilly Paste

  • 50 gms Dried chillies (Cabai Kering)
  • Add some cili padi if you want it spicer hotter (optional)
  • 50 gms Shallots (Bawang Merah)
  • 50 gms Belachan
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Tamarind

Ingredient B

  • Sugar and salt to taste
  • 100 gms Tamarind, soaked in 4 Tablespoon of water.
  • Squeezed and scoop off the pulp and seed.
  • DO NOT use sieve.

Cooking Method

  • Heat 8 Tablespoon of cooking oil, fry ingredient A (cili paste) till fragrant.
  • Add Ingredient B, continue to cook toll paste thickens.
  • Add the sea food, prawns or fish or squid.
  • Serve the santan rice hot or cold with fried groundnuts, crispy ikan bilis, cucumber slices, hard boiled egg or omelets and sambal udang.

This specially prepared dishes by Roziah and Aziz for sale in Nasi Lemak packages.

Hard Boiled Egg

How to ensure the Hard Boiled egg don't have dark lines when you cut it. Have you noticed a thin grey line between the white and hard yolk?

Well, there is a way to ensure your hard boiled eggs don't have that. This is pretty important to served beautiful hard boiled egg.

  • If you are taking eggs from the fridge, thaw for 10 mins.
  • In the boiling water, cook the egg for 5 minutes. (low heat)
  • Take it out and spin it. If it stands spinning, it is hard boiled. Turn off heat.
  • Pour out the hot water and add tap water to stop over cooking of egg.
  • Same time, it stops the oxidation process in the egg.
  • When you cut the egg into half, you won't see a thin black line between the egg yolk and white.

Honestly, at home we served our Nasi Lemak on a plate. With the sweet aroma of sambal belachan and santan rice, no one bothers with banana leaf.

You can garnish with cucumber pieces, roasted groundnuts and hard boiled egg too. Serve hot rice with all your desired dishes. Bon appetit.

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