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Ti Kuih Dessert

Sticky gluey sweet cake with white grated coconut shreds

Ti Kuih Dessert, I am very sure most Chinese have eaten this sweet cakes. Until a few years ago, I remember looking forward to eating it after our Chinese New Year reunion. After being offered to the Kitchen God, it will be stored till we make this dessert.

Cut to pieces, steam it and dropped into prepared freshly grated young coconut. Sometimes, if the sweet gluey cake is still fresh, it will be soft, so use a spoon to scoop it.

The job to grate the coconut shreds fresh for this dessert is happily done as many of our siblings are around to help. In our house, we also toast some white sesame seeds to be added to the coconut shreds.

Ti Kuih or Kueh Bakul or Nian Gao can be eaten freshly steamed or deep fried like curry puffs or indian samosa.

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Ti Kuih or Nian Gao can be kept for a long time without refrigeration. If it has hardened, cut to thin slices and eat it. It is sweet and lovely.

You smell the beautiful fragrance of the steamed banana leaf when steaming Ti Kuih dessert. I guess it has something to do with using fresh leaves. Nothing beats nature's best.

The other way to enjoy is roll to a marble like ball and drop into grated young coconut. Some toasted sesame seed and peanuts can be sprinkled before serving. Ooh la la. Try it and you know what I mean.

Scoop the nian gao for dessert
Scoop the Ti Kuih into a ball like marble for dessert. Can eat without toasting on grated coconut
Grated coconut with toasted peanuts and sesame seed
Drop on grated fresh coconut with toasted peanuts and sesame seed.
After steaming for 8 hrs, rest it for 4 hrs to maintain shape
After steaming for 8 hrs, rest it for 4 hrs to maintain shape. Do not open the lid yet.

One more way is deep frying coated with flour insert a piece of sweet potato and a yam, with Ti Kuih in the center. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Layer a piece of sweet potato, (the orange colored ones), a piece of ti kuih, a piece of sliced yam then coat with flour batter. Each piece of cut slice should not be more then quarter of an inch thick.

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Deep fry till it firms. Feel the crispiness of the flour batter and the soft texture of both yam or taro, sweet potatoes. The glueyness and fragrance of Ti kuih is amazing! It is beyond words for me.

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