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Penang Plaza

The Oldest Shopping Mall in Penang

Penang Plaza

A newly refurbished Penang Plaza is found on the busy street of Burmah Road, just a short distance from New World Park.

Conveniently situated in Georgetown, shoppers can definitely not miss the green Giant sign flashing across the night sky.

It used to be one of the most happening malls back in its prime all the way back in the 90s. Not to say that it is abandoned now, but it serves a different niche.

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The revamped builiding is now futuristically-designed, with sharp edges and prominent silhouettes across its architecture.

At night, you'l be able to enjoy some stunning light work that brightens up the structure. The light wraps around the building, dressing it up beautifully.


Shoppers now visit this place for the Giant Hypermarket situated at the ground floor. It has everything needed daily for a low price.

Conveniently situated in Georgetown, shoppers can definitely not miss the green Giant sign flashing across the night sky.

There are also several shops inside. One such shop is Book Zone. It's a bookstore updated with all the current bestsellers and magazines and is a favourite among school children.

Book Zone

There are some small-scale boutiques and jewellery shops on the second and third floor.

On the uppermost level, pay a visit to Hei Yong Seng restaurant, which serves lovely Chinese dishes. I've been there quite a few times, and I must say that compared to other Chinese restaurants, this one stands out in my memory.

The Teochew-styled steam fish here is one of the best that I've had in Penang. Also try the pig's stomach soup (too-thor th'ng) when you're here.

There are a few places near Penang Plaza that are worth your visit. In the morning, the coffee shop (kopitiam) directly behind the building is home to a stall serving excellent Hokkien Mee.

To the left of Penang Plaza along Burmah Road, one can stumble upon Nagore Place. It is a row of shops serving food and beverages. One can encounter shops serving steamboat, Nyonya cuisine, Chinese dessert, pizzas and many more here.

If you happen to visit this mall at night though, you MUST visit Marshall's Burger just next to this shopping mall. It serves the some of the best burgers in town.

This article is written by Patrick Cheang.

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