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Photos Thaipusam Festival

A chance of a lifetime Indian Festival

Photos Thaipusam Festival was taken on the second day of Thaipusam. On the streets, the temples, everywhere are packed with people. It was said that over 50,000 people were in Penang for this celebration.

Much has been said about Thaipusam, so I include more photos for your view. Preparation works like preparing panthals for serving food and drinks.

The Penang community is one of giving and are charitable in nature. Individual families prepared food, drinks, setting up refreshments sheds is a sight for sore eyes.

Even the big manufacturing concern contributed in term of cash and kind towards their employees who without failed performed this yearly events. Colorful panthals were set up for prayers by private sectors wanting to do their part.

Established business owners, professionals and business turn to serve food to the devotees. Year after year, the crowd get bigger. I hope you won't miss out next year if you have in the past.

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Panthals Preparation

Preparing panthal for thaipusam penang

preparing water panthals thaipusam penang

preparing leaves to cover sides of panthals thaipusam penang

food panthals in thaipusam day penang

milk panthals in thaipusam penang

dieties pathanls in thaipusam penang

Lord Shiva panthals in thaipusam penang

Lord Shiva and his many incarnations forms shown in thaipusam penang

Lord Ganesha chariot kavadi pulled inthaipusam Penang

Dieties of Lord Shiva Brahma Ganesha on thaipusam penang

Fulfilling Vows

Goddess Kaliammah being worshipped in thaipusam penang

Love praying in Lorong Kulit Temple before his journey

Love being skewered in Thaipusam Penang

Love back being skewered in Thaipusam Penang

Catchpole and Love ready for their journey up the Waterfall Temple Penang

Love ready  for his journey to Waterfall Temple for prayers in Thaipusam Penang

Skewered back of Love and Catchpole in Thaipusam Penang

Love skewered back in Thaipusam Penang

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