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Lina Jam Puff Photos

Pineapple Jam Tarts for tea, anyone

See some of Lina Jam Puff Photos. She also join in the preparation for the Chinese New Year cakes and cookies sales. Selling Home baked Jam Puff to family and friends for a couple of years has made her quite an expert in making this pastry.

This is the first time I tasted a Jam Puff. Lina uses the curry puff pastry cutter to cut her puffs pastry. Usually and commonly baked for sale are Jam Tarts.

If you enjoy home made food, then visit my site more often. The thing is, some of my friends does their stuff for sale. Or some, cooked it when they feel they have missed their mum's or grandmother cooking.

Can I know the cost for a cooking class? Then if you are happy, write in with some dates you are in Penang. Press on the little button on top of this page. It says "Cooking Class Enquiry".

So to get them to do it when I want them too, is not easy. I have to wait for them to want to eat it then give me a tinkle.

One great thing, you can be assured we are REAL PEOPLE. Cooking and baking is my favorite past time. So it is easy for me to scout for good food made by people who appreciate the uses of good ingredients.

When we cook or bake, we are doing it for our family and friends who does not mind paying for the great stuff, says most friends like Ee Choo and Lina. As we understood the hard work, they have put in to cook or baked.

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Being being trained by great cooking master like Mr Lim Bian Yam, one can understand the standards of producing good food. Learn from Step by Step from Lina Jam Puff Photos. And she makes great tarts too. Know Lina better here.

Jam and Pastry Dough for Jam Puff
Jam and Pastry Dough for Jam Tarts or Puffs
Rolling the dough for Jam puff
Lina at work in her house in Penang
Wetter Jams for Jam Puffs
Lina Jam Puff Photos: Wetter Jams are for Puffs, Drier for Tarts
Using a cutter for Jam Puffs
Make the shape with a cutter or shape to a ball if you don't have cutter
Jam Puff shape using cutter
Jam Puff after using the puff cutter
Glacing the Jam Puffs
Glace with beaten egg yolk for golden finishing
Turn after 10 min Jam Puff
After 10 mins baking, turn the tray for 5 mins
Cool before storing Jam Puffs
Cool it before storing
A plate of Jam Tarts
Jam tarts using a baking tray
Lina with her Jam Puffs and Tarts
Lina with finish Jam and Puff Tarts
Lina at her store in Upper Penang Town
Lina with her Home Made Pickles and Puffs
Eurasian Specialty Saltfish Pickle
Beautiful Salted Fish Pickle

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