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Mui Sin Folklore

Our Penang Folktale

The Mui Sin Folklore, are the earliest gods worship by the Chinese. This was one of the oldest traditional folk tales which was past down from my teachers when she guided us.

In Mui Sin Folklore, the Mui Sin are regarded as the Spiritual Guardians of the Entrance. The main door of the house or domain is called the entrance.

An altar for joss stick is usually placed beside the entrance. Reason being, the ancestors when they are allowed in the house will have to greet the Mui Sin first before entering the homes.

Mui Sin or Door Deity is not Satanic Cult neither it is part of a Mafia society, nor in criminals activities. I don't think it processed any Super Powers or is Angels or Demons.

It is a traditional Chinese folk tales told in respect to others when entering other people houses or any domains.

Share with us your folklore, the ones you love when you were young.

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Mui Sin (In Hokkien) or The Door Gods (Men Shen )

Door God or Mui Sin Raja Uda Temple Penang

Like Janus in Greek myths, it is a Door god or deity. I would say in every society or at least the Asian society, we just do not enter someone house without first knocking at the door. Or did you yell " hello anyone home?". I am sure you did.

I can remember one time, a christens friend of mine shrugged off with unruly remark when was told about this Mui Sin Folklore.

He later told us, he woke up with a crooked mouth. He was advised to go back to the person who told him the tale. Strange but ..I dunno.

So it is not strange that the Chinese worship Mui Sin, cos we believed spiritual beings are all around us. And not all spiritual being can be allowed to enter everyone's house.

It is the duty of the Mui Sin to "sieve thru" before allowing the spiritual beings to enter.

Who are allowed to enter our house?

Usually only Gods, Deities or ancestor spirits that the family worship are allowed in the house.

So even when any "hantu" (ghost or wandering spirit) follow you home, they can not enter the house, unless of course if "Jee Oon" (spiritually low and any kind of wandering spirits can enter your body, meaning taking shelter) is low, they are in you.

So you know what to do next....he he. I will not tell you cos not all believed this nonsense.

Mui Sin's humble beginning

Accordingly in Mui Sin Folklore, Mui Sin were formerly imperial generals. They were both assigned to protect their Emperor at that time. Even the Emperor at that time fears ghosts and demons.

It was believed that the Emperor had nightmares whenever he sleeps during the night. He would always be pursuit by ghosts or demons in his dream.

It could be his karma manifesting to him as he had killed numerous people before he was enthroned as the Emperor. His siblings were also killed.

Whenever the two generals stood guard outside his room entrance, he would be able to sleep soundly without any nightmares. It was believed that ghosts and demons dare not enter the emperor's room whenever the two generals are present.

As the two generals are mortals, the Emperor feared that the generals would suffer from fatigue having to keep watch over him every night.

Hence, he ordered portraits of the imperial generals to be hung on each side of the door. They wear warrior robes, have gentle dispositions and are usually shown as standing.

Qin Shu Bao holds a slender club, whereas Wei Chi Gong holds a mace. The portraits of the Door Gods are usually changed just before Chinese New Year.

Read how common households prays to Mui Sin before any festivals or events.

When to change your Mui Sin portraits?

It seems, one might have to change the Mui Sin portraits or repaint them to show them in brighter hues of color. Worn out portraits does not have the ability to keep away evil spirits and to protect the house.

Kuan Yin - Mui Sin Tale

Another tale, dad would tell us is this, a funny one. Remember Kuan Yin Ma had two sisters?

Well, the Mui Sin Folklore goes that the two sister husbands were generals and when the King repented to become a Buddhist, they did the same.

But because they are..ahhhh kind of Goh Peh See (very flirtatious), Kuan Yin Ma makes them the Mui Sin...Ha is that. sweet for them...get to admire more women. right?

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